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Instrument Details
Instrument/Facility Name: 100L Fermentor
Make                                   : Scigenics
Model                                  : 100L IN SITU
Specification   :: 100 L in situ sterilizable fermenter designed for growth of bacteria and fungi.

Click to ViewPower (W) - 230V+/-10%,Ac,50Hz; Temperature (deg. Celsius) - 121 deg C; Frequency (Hz) - 50Hz; SS316L for Contact Parts and SS304 for Non Contact Parts; automatic; Pressure - Rushton Type. 3 Fixed speed peristaltic pumps; Platinum RTD probe for temperature sensing;PID Control for heating and cooling; 25-400 RPM (can go up to1000), pH probe and sparger.

  Working Principles
Click to ViewFermentation and formulation of water based flowableBacillus thuringiensis in 100L fermenter Culture stock in slant (store at 4°C) Inoculate Bt culture in 10 litre media and incubate at 30°C for 48hrs (seed culture) Fill fermentor with 100 litre of medium and sterilize (cool medium at 30°C) Inoculate seed culture and run fermentor for 5 days (Rpm-350, temperature 30±0.2°C, PH-6.8±0.2, DO-20%) (Fermentation is complete when the broth contain 90% free spores and crystals and 10% vegetative cells) Cool the broth to 5-10°C and adjust pH to 4.1±0.2 using 5M H2S Centrifuge (5000rpm for 15 min) broth and separate solid part (active ingredient)

  User Instructions
For the mass culture of bacteria / fungi especially Pseudomonas, Bacillus and Trichoderma.: Working volume 60litres, use of 10% mother inoculum, sterilize medium by steam, allow to cool, inoculate with mother inoculum, set RPM and aeration, use antifoam agent. Run the equipment till full growth is attained.

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  100L Fermentor Charges
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