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Instrument Details
Instrument/Facility Name: 7500 Real-Time PCR System
Make                                   : AB Bioscience
Model                                  : 4346241
Specification   :detection and quantification of nucleic acid sequences, gene expression analysis, pathogen detection using standard curves.

Click to ViewInstrument Specifications Instrument 7500 System Thermal cycling system Peltier-based, 96-well block Optical system Five-excitation, Five-emission filters and CCD camera Quantitative PCR run time < 2 hours Supported Consumables  Standard Optical 96-well plates  8-strip 0.2mL tubes  0.2mL tubes  Optical Adhesive Covers  Optical Flat Caps

  Working Principles
Click to ViewAll sample wells are illuminated with a tungsten halogen lamp. Light from this lamp passes through five excitation filters before reaching sample wells. The inclusion of excitation filters improves the ability of the instrument to excite dyes at longer (red) wavelengths, resulting in greater sensitivity and precision for these dyes. Fluorescence emission is then detected through five emission filters to a charge-coupled device (CCD) camera. Emission filters are optimized for use with FAM™/ SYBR® Green I, VIC®/JOE™, NED™/TAMRA™/Cy3™, ROX™/Texas Red®, and Cy5™ fluorescent dyes.

  User Instructions
 Gene expression analysis using relative quantitation (RQ) assays  Pathogen detection using standard curves.  Qualitative post-PCR detection of nucleic acids for allelic discrimination (SNP genotyping assays) etc.  Supported volume is 20-100 µL  Sample must be pure and all contamination must be removed

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  7500 Real-Time PCR System Charges
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