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Instrument Details
Make                                   : PERKIN ELMER
Model                                  : PinAAcle 900F (2015) upgradable to Furnace
Specification   :Facilitate to detect one element in single aspiration of the sample. Flame type burner, requires acetylene as fuel and filtered air as oxidant. Capacity of 50 extracts/or aliquots and 4 elements (i.e., 200 samples) can be analyzed per day.

Click to ViewFlame based (Air-Acetylene), Double beam atomic absorption spectrometer. Fully controlled by soft ware with all safety interlocks. High through put results are obtained for elements like iron, copper, manganese and zinc in soil, plant seed, feed and sediment samples. Operated by user friendly software. Results in terms of concentration (mgL-1) and standard graphs can be obtained and saved in soft file.

  Working Principles
Click to ViewThe aqueous sample with element of detection is aspirated into nebulizer and subjected to atomized state into the flame of Air-Acetylene on flame (burner) at 3000°C. The metal ions get heated up and become excited. The specific wave length from Hallow cathode lamp of known energy w.r.t. element in question of detection is passed through the flame at specified height. The excited ions of the particular element in question absorbs the energy/wavelength beam. The left over energy of that specific wave length is detected by the detector. Based on the reference value of wavelength the amount of metals ions in a given sample is calculated and results are displayed on the screen as mgL-1 which can be printed and saved.

  User Instructions
To detect metal ions viz., Fe, Zn, Cu and Mn in soil, sludge, plant, seed, feed samplesIt is software controlled and handled by Institute personnel only

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Procedure Name
National LAB/R&D
DTPA extracts of soil and sediments for available micronutrients. Total content of micronutrient in acid digests of plant, feed, seed, manures.
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