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Instrument Details
Instrument/Facility Name: Automated Chemistry Analyser
Make                                   : Turbochem
Model                                  : Turbochem 100 Model 4601
Specification   :Fully automated Random Access Chemistry Analyzer

Click to ViewPerforms wide range of Biochemistry of serum/plasma assays like Albumin, BUN, Cholesterol, Creatinine, ALT, AST, Total protein, HDL etc. Minimum Reaction volume : 2µl Maximum Reaction volume: 200µl Photometric Range : 340nm, 405nm, 505nm, 545nm, 580nm, 630nm Liner Range : -0.2 to 3.0 A Dilutions : Automatic pre and post dilution Precision of volume : <5 µl= <3% CV, >5 µl=<2% CV Data management system : External PC with window software

  Working Principles
Click to ViewThe TurboChem100 is an automatic chemistry analyzer which can be programmed to use one or two reagents and make precise diluations. The machine has inbuilt syringe pump that can aspirate and dispense the samples/reagents. The pump gets deionised water from the prime bottle and excess waste drained out through waste bottle. The Teflon tubing connects the syringe pump to the probe tip which can be programmed to move left and right. One the left side of the machine a universal rack is there which holds the reagents bottles and samples tubes while on the right rack moves in and out through the programmable rack motor. The cuvette carrier holds eight cuvettes and each cuvette can holds five reactions. The cuvette moves in and out via the fully programmable cuvette mover motor. After reagent and samples are added the cuvette may incubate and the shuttle moves the cuvette from the cuvette carrier to the photometer. While taking an optical reading the cuvette is positioned in front of a single tungsten halogen lamp. The filter wheel with the six filters rotates constantly in front of the cuvette. The machine utilizes horizontal photometry in either single of double bichromatic modes. Depending on the setup reports am be displayed or printed to create permanent records.

  User Instructions
The machine is used for in-vitro and diagnostic use. TurboChem100 is a computer controlled capable to perform vide variety of assays like BUN, Albumin, Cholesterol, creatinine, Total protein, Glucose, Chloride, calcium, ALT, AST etc. The machine can be programmed to perform any of the colorimetric biochemistry and turbidimetric assays (by selecting displayed menu options from the software programme) that can be handled using the volume, temperature and wavelength. The machine can aspirates and dispenses minimum 2µl of reagent/samples. Incubation and mixing of the sample/reagents takes place at 250C to 370C and by oscillation. Reaction takes place in standard plastic cuvettes meant for optical reading. The reagent bottles and samples tubes are placed into the removable instrument racks. The machine is programmed to pick up from one place, dispense to another. The machine has data storage and data reporting option.The equipment facility may be extended however the technical manpower and consumables will be taken care by the user.

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