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Instrument Details
Instrument/Facility Name: Chlorophyll Fluorescence Imaging System
Make                                   : (Maxi-Version, Walz, Germany)
Model                                  : Maxi-Version
Specification   :Chlorophyll Fluorescence and PAM Fluorometry (Maxi-Version, Walz, Germany)

Click to ViewChlorophyll fluorescence is a very sensitive indicator of photosynthesis. Quantitative information on the quantum yield of photosynthetic energy conversion is obtained by PAM fluorometry and the saturation pulse method. A wide range of photosynthetic parameters can be derived from fluorescence measurements, giving insight into the physiological state of all photosynthetically active organisms, including higher plants, mosses and ferns as well as various types of algae, phytoplankton and biofilms

  Working Principles
Click to ViewBy using a fiber-optic microprobe in combination with a modified PAM Fluorometer, chlorophyll fluorescence yield was measured within leaves with spatial resolution of approximately 20 µm. The new system employs a miniature photomultiplier for detection of the pulse-modulated fluorescence signal received by the 20 #m fiber tip. The obtained signal/noise ratio qualifies for recordings of fluorescence induction kinetics (Kautsky effect), fluorescence quenching by the saturation pulse method and determination of quantum yield of energy conversion at Photosystem II at different sites within a leaf... Photoinhibition is shown to affect primarily the quantum yield of the palisade chloroplasts when excessive illumination is applied from the adaxial leaf side. The new system is envisaged to be used in combination with light measurements within leaves for an assessment of the specific contributions of different leaf regions to overall photosynthetic activity and for an integrative modelling of leaf photosynthesis.

  User Instructions
Photosynthetic light reactions of • Higher plants • Mosses and ferns • Algae • Phytoplankton and biofilms User information Samples should be live Experimental conditions should be on site of testing

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