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Instrument Details
Instrument/Facility Name: Cone Penetro meter
Make                                   : Popular Science Apparatus Workshops Pvt. Ltd.
Model                                  : QTP-721R
Specification   :The Soil Cone Penetrometer consists of: A metallic cone with a half angle of 15 inches 30 mm length and 15 inches 30.50 mm cone length. It is fixed in one end of a metallic rod with the disc that is present at the top of the rod. The sliding weight is approximately 148 grams. The rod passes through two guides that are fixed to a stand. There is enough provision to clamp the vertical rod at any height above the surface of the soil to be tested. The brass trough measured 50 mm in diameter as well as the depth. Accessories: A glass plate of 10 mm thickness and 45 to 50 cm sides. A flexible spatula. Porcelain evaporating dish.

Click to ViewSoil Cone Penetrometer is specially useful to obtain reliable and accurate results of those soil which have low plasticity index. SE-Test Soil Cone percentage moisture contents determined when cone with half angle of 15-30 minutes under a total sliding weight of 148 gm penetrates 25mm gives the liquid limit. One of the soil testing lab equipment manufactured by SE-Test India, the soil cone penetrometer is made as per the IS 2720 (PART IV) standards. The main purpose of this apparatus is to determine the liquid limit of the soils. The specific use of the soil cone penetrometer is to get accurate as well as reliable results on soils that have a very low plasticity index. The percentage of moisture contents is calculated when the half angle weighing a total of 148 grams is able to penetrate the soil.

  Working Principles
Click to ViewCone penetro meter assembly of given weight is allowed to sink into the material to be tested for certain time (seconds/ minutes) at a temperature of 25 °C (77 °F). The depth, in tenths of a millimeter (Penetration Unit, PU), to which the cone sinks into the tested material is the penetration. The deeper the cone sinks into the material, the softer the material is. It consists of two parts (a) the controller box which consists electronic device which operate a relay, a rectifier from which full wave rectified current is passed from the control box to (b) the electromagnetic head which replaces the manually operated head on the penetrometer. The head consists of a DC electromagnet is deenergised automatically and the plunger rod clamped. The tunning period of fall is well within the tolerance period.

  User Instructions
8.To know the firmness of a material. 9.User Instructions: For routine work in laboratories making a number determination, a considerable saving in operating time and eliminated of personal error will be shown by installing an automatic controller.The penetrometer is dropped on the test subject or pressed against it and the depth of the resulting hole is measured. The measurements find whether the soil is strong enough to build a road on. These are also used to find out the toughness of a leaf. We comply with all the industrial norms and procedures in all of our processes and offer these at extremely affordable rates. Features: Tests the strength Easy to press Free from rust Specification: Resolution: 0.1mm Working Voltage: AC220V±10% Cone Weight: 76g+/-0.1g 100g+/-0.1g

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