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Instrument Details
Instrument/Facility Name: Digital Pinch Gauge
Make                                   : NA
Model                                  : NA
Specification   :4.Capacity: 60 LBS, Division:0.1Lb/0.1 KG, Voltage:3 V, Battery: 1 X CR 2032 lithium cell, Number of records: 100 PCS, Temperature: 0-40 C, Measurement: 103X54X18 mm, Weight: 145g

Click to View5.At the time purchase, the battery has been already installed. 6.Testing operation: 1. UP button 2. Down button clear button: Press one time to set the current record to the value of 0.0; to continue hold down untill the emergence of the figure AL. CL. and then all the records in the instrument will be reset to 0.0 and it will automatically go back to the first record number.

  Working Principles
Click to ViewRecord number: "1" represents for the first record,"99" represents the 99th record. "0" for the first 100 records Reading : shows the data of the measurement. Unit: "KG" represents for kilogram, LBS for pound. Press the power button to turn on. The first display is "HELO" and the unit displays the record number "1" and reading "0.0". If not 0.0, press Zero to set it to 0.0. After re-powering the instrument, it will show the record and the corresponding data that was saved before it was shut off the last time. Squeeze the metal keys with your fingers. The data will go up with your finger pinch increase and the unit will show your maximum finger pinch. Press down button to save the current record and skip to the next record.

  User Instructions
Measure tip, key and Palmer pinch strength in both pounds and kilograms. Measurements are accurate and repeatable. Results are Consistent. Indicator remains at the maximum reading until reset. When the screen displays "LO", this indicates the device has a low battery. Do not replace the battery while the unit is on. Battery replacement steps: Make sure unit is off. Push the golden metal chip outside to make the cell bounce up; with small tweezers, remove the exhausted cell

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