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Instrument Details
Instrument/Facility Name: ELISA Reader
Make                                   : Tecan
Model                                  : Tecan-Infinite® M200 PRO
Specification   :The Tecan Infinite 200 PRO is a multifunctional microplate reader. .It has Monochromator-based wavelengths change – no filters necessary. The Infinite 200PRO provides high performance for the vast majority of today’s microplate applications and research and is robotic compatible.

Click to ViewThe Infinite 200 PRO is an easy-to-use multimode plate reader family that offers affordable, high performance detection solutions, the Infinite 200 PRO microplate plate reader has been continuously engineered for excellence. The Infinite 200 PRO plate reader family is supplied with the easy-to-use i-control software interface, allowing you quickly define a workflow for each of your applications. i-control allows you to create a workflow for each application, using ‘drag and drop’ processing steps to generate your assay protocol, which can be saved for future use. The software includes special application for quick and easy calculation of absorbance.

  Working Principles
Click to ViewAbsorbance is a measure for the attenuation of monochromatic light when transmitted through a sample. f the sample contains only one species absorbing in that narrow band of wavelengths, the background corrected absorbance is proportional to the corresponding concentration of that species (Lambert-Beer's Law). For absorbance measurements, a similar optical path is used as for fluorescence excitation. The absorbance system consists of: 1. light source 2. excitation monochromator 3. absorbance MTP optics 4. absorbance MTP measurement module Condenser type optics focus the light through the excitation filters and then through the entrance slit to the excitation monochromator. A fiber bundle then guides the light from the excitation monochromator to the absorbance MTP optics, which focuses the light into the wells. The absorbance MTP measurement module is located underneath the plate carrier. These modules measure the light being transmitted through the sample. Before measurement of the microplate (MTP), a reference measurement is performed with the plate carrier moved out of the light beam.

  User Instructions
Absorbance, ELISA, Protein quantification etc.Follow the instructions as per the User manual.

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  ELISA Reader Charges
Procedure Name
National LAB/R&D
ELISA Analysis
Prior confirmation may be obtained from the Institute before taking DD / sending samples.

Additional Rs 100/-towards postal charges if result are to be posted
The Demand Draft should be in favour of "ICAR-Unit-CPCRI Kasaragod"
Letter, DD & Samples send to "The Director, ICAR-CPCRI, Kudlu P.O Kasaragod - 671 124. Kerala"