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Instrument Details
Instrument/Facility Name: Elemental Analyzer (CHNS/O)
Make                                   : Euro Vector, Italy
Model                                  : Euro EA 3000 Series
Specification   :Estimation of CHN/CHNS/O in percentage measurements from low ppm traces up to 100% concentration

Click to ViewThe CHNS(O) Analyzer determine of percent Carbon, Nitrogen, Hydrogen and Sulphur in virtually all existing substances. The instrument has auto sampler, combustion reactors, chromatographic column, and Thermal Conductivity Detector (TCD) and can determine CHNSO with accuracy, speed of analysis and ease of operation. The straightforward and reliable analytical layout avoids preserving precision and accuracy of results. Determination of Oxygen content is performed on the same instrument in pyrolysis mode by a quick change of configuration

  Working Principles
Click to ViewIt works on Dumas principle. The analysis is done through sample combustion at high temperature, fast separation of the resultant gaseous species and TCD detection. The built in chromatographic column converts the compound and elutes it in the form of NO2,CO2,SO2,H2O which are detected with the help of TCD in less than 5 mins. It also has pressurized Oxygen injection independently from helium carrier gas flow rate ensuring complete combustion and quantitative result. It is calibrated with standard compounds using the K-factors calculations. This method finds greatest utility in finding out percentages of C, H, N, S, (O) in organic compounds which are generally combustible at 1800 °C

  User Instructions
• Soils, Sediments, Rocks (CNS) • Biomass, Biofuel, Wastes (CHN-O) • Plants, Branches, Leaves, Roots, Vegetables (CHNS-O) • Coal, Coke, Peat (CHNS-O), Petroleum & Lubricants (CHNSO) • Organics, Synthetic Compounds, Polymers, Textiles, Pharma, Fertilizers (CHNSO) Sample weight should be minimum of 0.5 g powered sample

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  Elemental Analyzer (CHNS/O) Charges
Procedure Name
National LAB/R&D
CHNS Estimation
Per Sample,(Rs.) including GST
Oxygen Estimation
Per Sample,(Rs.) including GST

Additional Rs 100/-towards postal charges if result are to be posted
The Demand Draft should be in favour of "ICAR-Directorate of Groundnut Research, Junagadh OR Electronic transfer to ICAR-Directorate of Groundnut Research, Junagadh (ACC No: 10283132519 IFSC Code: SBIN0003251)"
Letter, DD & Samples send to "Director, ICAR-Directorate of Groundnut Research, PB 5, Junagadh, Gujarat, India-36200"