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Instrument Details
Instrument/Facility Name: Flame photometer
Make                                   : Systronics
Model                                  : 128uC
Specification   :Estimation of Potassium, Sodium, Lithium, Calcium

Click to ViewThe flame photometer finds its utility in estimation of alkali metals such as potassium, sodium and lithium. This relies on the principle that an alkali metal salt drawn into a non-luminous flame will ionise, absorb energy from the flame and then emit light of a characteristic wavelength as the excited atoms decay to the unexcited ground state. This is the basic principle of flame photometry. Flame photometry is a process where in emission of radiation by neutral atoms is measured. The neutral atoms are obtained by introduction of sample into flame. Hence the name flame photometry.

  Working Principles
Click to ViewWhen a solution of metallic salt is sprayed as fine droplets into a flame. Due to heat of the flame, the droplets dry leaving a fine residue of salt. This fine residue converts into neutral atoms. Due to the thermal energy of the flame, the atoms get excited and there after return to ground state. In this process of return to ground state, exited atoms emit radiation of specific wavelength. This wavelength of radiation emitted is specific for every element. This specificity of wavelength of light emitted makes it a qualitative aspect. While the intensity of radiation, depends on the concentration of element. This makes it a quantitative aspect. The process seems to be simple and applicable to all elements. But in practice only a few elements of Group IA and group IIA (like Li, Na, k & Ca,) are only analyzed. The radiation emitted in the process is of specific wavelength. Like for Sodium (Na) 589nm yellow radiation, Potassium 767nm range radiation. The instrument is calibrated with the standards. This instrument is used in analysis alkali metals such as, Na, K, and Li of Plant, Soil and Water samples analysis of alkali metals.

  User Instructions
It is used for both qualitative and quantitative analysis • Pharmaceuticals • Food and agriculture industries • Chemistry and Chemical Engineering • Geological and Environmental samples • Soil and Water samples and alloys • Cement industry • N and K+ in body fluids • The sample should be in liquid form • The sample should be clear without any turbidity • Sample should have alkali metal concentration less than 20 ppm

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