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Instrument Details
Instrument/Facility Name: Fully Automatic Nitrogen Analyzer
Make                                   : Velp Scietifica
Model                                  : UDK-159
Specification   :The instrument contains two parts, Automatic Distillation & Titration System and Fully Automatic Digestor. The Unit works on 230 (±10%) power supply, It contains LCD graphic touch screen. Some specifications of the unit are as follow: Nitrogen amount 0.1 – 200 mg N; Blank value <0.20ml; Reproducibility < 1%; Recovery rate > 99.5%; Minimum volume dispensed by burette 2µl.

Click to ViewFully automatic distillation with built in colorimetric titrator with 30 predefined official methods stored and 24 customizable methods for user selection with circulation, reporting and storage data. Automatic distillation procedures including sample dilution, water addition, alkali and receiver solution addition, steam generation, distillation, built-in titration, calculation, reporting, storage of data, tube draining and waste collection. The analyzer is having feature of automatic cut-off water supply after completion of analysis by sensors to reduce consumption of water. Fully automatic digestor can accommodate 20 test tubes at a time, containing 250 ml solution (with TEMS technology) with built-in automatic lift. With built-in temperature control by microprocessor and over temperature protection, user definable time control, LCD graphic display and technology leading at 35% energy saving.

  Working Principles
Click to ViewThis unit works on Integrated Colorimetric Titration System (recommended by AOAC)

  User Instructions
By using Fully Automatic Nitrogen Analyzer, we can analyze Kjeldajl Nitrogen and Protein Nitrogen etc.Users should ensure that liquid do not come in contact with electric power cable or with the electric parts of the instrument. We should not use the unit if it is not working correctly. The user should contact at given address before bringing/sending the samples for analysis

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Contact No. 0510-2730214
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  Fully Automatic Nitrogen Analyzer Charges
Procedure Name
National LAB/R&D
Automatic selection
Rs. 800
Rs. 400
Rs. 400
The availability of the facility is subject to proper functioning of the equipment. The given fee is an approximate estimate and likely to be revised.

Additional Rs 100/-towards postal charges if result are to be posted
The Demand Draft should be in favour of "Director, ICAR-CAFRI, Jhansi"
Letter, DD & Samples send to "Director, ICAR-CENTRAL AGROFORESTRY RESEARCH INSTITUTE, GWALIOR ROAD, Jhansi-284003 (U.P.)"