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Instrument Details
Instrument/Facility Name: Gas Chromatograph
Make                                   : NUCON
Model                                  : 5765
Specification   :

Click to ViewNUCON 5765 GAS CHROMATOGRAPH is advance version with Microprocessor Temperature Controller with Multi Ramp Temperature Programming, Auto Cooling making it possible to operate 10 degree C above ambient for special applications like NEPTHA. All glass system. Quartz FID, Platinum temperatur sensor, SS pacjked capillary coloumn operation, Full line of valves, TCD with Gow Mac USA Elements, Temperature Controller / Programmer with keyboard entry of Process Parameter and Time Functions with user friendly software in ROM. Digital temperature monitoring for injector, Swagelok type international standard SS connectors, Output on terminals for recorder, Integrator and Data station

  Working Principles
Click to ViewThe sample solution injected into the instrument enters a gas stream which transports the sample into a separation tube known as the "column." (Helium or nitrogen is used as the so-called carrier gas.) The various components are separated inside the column. The detector measures the quantity of the components that exit the column. To measure a sample with an unknown concentration, a standard sample with known concentration is injected into the instrument. The standard sample peak retention time (appearance time) and area are compared to the test sample to calculate the concentration. The most common way of measuring nitrogen fixation is by an indirect method which uses the ability of the nitrogenase enzyme to reduce triple bounded substrates. The nitrogenase enzyme reduces acetylene gas to ethylene. Both gases can easily be quantified using gas chromatography. The method is called acetylene reduction assay (ARA). The main benefits of ARA are that it is easy to use, sensitive and has a good reproducibility

  User Instructions
A gas chromatograph (GC) is an analytical instrument that measures the content of various components in a sample. GC is an instrumental technique used forensically in drug analysis, arson, toxicology analyses of other organic compounds. Gas chromatography is a physical separation method in where volatile mixtures are separated. Typical uses of GC include testing the purity of a particular substance, or separating the different components of a mixture (the relative amounts of such components can also be determined). In some situations, GC may help in identifying a compound.The user should use fresh samples for the analysis of nitrogenase activity. Please follow the protocol given for Acetylene reduction assay (ARA) for indirect measurement of nitrogenase activity

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  Gas Chromatograph Charges
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Additional Rs 100/-towards postal charges if result are to be posted
The Demand Draft should be in favour of "Director, CAZRI, Jodhpur"
Letter, DD & Samples send to "Head Division of IFS ICAR – Central Arid Zone Research Institute Jodhpur - 342 003"