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Instrument Details
Instrument/Facility Name: Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometer
Make                                   : Shimadzu
Model                                  : GC-2010 with QP-2010
Specification   :The gas chromatograph mass spectrometer (GCMS) QP2010 is a sensitive, single quadrupole mass spectrometer that couples the separation capabilities of GC with the detection properties of MS to provide a higher efficiency of sample analyses. While GC can separate volatile components in a sample, MS helps fragment the components and identify them on the basis of their mass. The results can be compared with the NIST and Wiley Library.

Click to ViewGC unit: Shimadzu GC-2010 Oven Oven temperature: Maximum 350°C Linear Temperature elevation rate: 50°C/min. to 300°C and increment 1°C Inj. Port temp. : Maximum 350°C Column over heat protect: User settable up to 300°C. GC-MS interface Model: Capillary column direct interface Temperature: Room temperature- 350°C Data analysis: Qualitative processing, quantitative processing Libraries: NIST, WILEY Mass spectrometer unit: GCMS-QP2010 Mass number range: 1.5 m/z to 900 m/z Resolution: R=2M Max. Scan rate: 10,000 u/s (single scan) Filaments: dual filaments Ion source: Ion source type:EI Vacuum System: Main pump: Differential vacuum system Turbo-molecular pump with 220 L/s pumping rate Gas: He (helium), 99.995%

  Working Principles
Click to ViewThe Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry (GC/MS) instrument separates chemical mixtures (the GC component) and identifies the components at a molecular level (the MS component). It is one of the most accurate tools for analyzing environmental samples. The GC works on the principle that a mixture will separate into individual substances when heated. The heated gases are carried through a column with an inert gas (such as helium). As the separated substances emerge from the column opening, they flow into the MS. Mass spectrometry identifies compounds by the mass of the analyte molecule. A library of known mass spectra, covering several thousand compounds is stored in a computer.

  User Instructions
GC/MS is used to separate volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and pesticides. Food, beverage, flavor and fragrance analysis-aromatic compounds such as fatty acids, aldehydes, alcohols, and terpenes present in food and beverages can be analyzed using GC-MS. Also used to detect contamination of food. Biological and pesticides detections-used for the bioanalysis of body fluids to detect alcohols, and drugs such as anticonvulsants, anesthetics, antihistamines, sedative hypnotics, and anti-epileptic drugs Pharmaceutical Applications-used in R&D, production and quality control. Industrial Application-for the analysis of inorganic gases and aromatic solvents, detection of impurities and allergens in cosmetics Only volatiles can be analyzed. The instrument is dedicated for essential oil profiling and quantification.

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  Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometer Charges
Procedure Name
National LAB/R&D
GC Chromatogram and report

Additional Rs 100/-towards postal charges if result are to be posted
The Demand Draft should be in favour of "ICAR Unit-IISR, Calicut"
Letter, DD & Samples send to "Head, SAIF, ICAR-Indian Institute of Spices Research, Marikunnu P.O., Kozhikode - 673012, Kerala."