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Instrument Details
Instrument/Facility Name: Gel Documentation System
Make                                   : Protein Simple
Model                                  : Alphaimager HP System
Specification   :Gel Documentation System

Click to ViewHigh performance, fully automated imaging has made the alphaimager HP most popular platform. The systems application versatility not only includes a wide range of flourescent and colorimetric applications but can also be expanded to chemiluminescence.

  Working Principles
Click to ViewThe alphaimager HP system with AIC streamlines image acquisition. Motorized optics and lighting are controlled through the software. Producing a perfect image every time. 1. true autofocussing capability reduces steps needed to generate images. 2. Save imaging protocols and recall them in just one click.

  User Instructions
1. Protein and antibody chracterization. 2. Multiplex protein detection. 3. Gel and blot Imaging.1. Use a paper towel to open and close door. 2.Make sure you have shut down the UV transilluminator or other lighting. 3. Always wear protective gloves while handling. 4. Make sure you clean all the equipment before leaving.

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  Gel Documentation System Charges
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