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Instrument Details
Instrument/Facility Name: HPLC
Make                                   : Shimadzu
Model                                  : LC- 10AT VP with SPD-10A VP & SPD- M20A
Specification   :HPLC with C-18 column, PDA and RI detectors

Click to ViewModel : LC-10AT VP with SPD-10A VP & SPD-M20A Column : HPLC with C-18 column Detector : PDA and RI detectors

  Working Principles
Click to ViewChromatography is a technique by which a mixture is separated into various components and may also be quantified."Chromatography" represents a separation technique. The chart displaying the time-dependent change in signal intensity as a result of the separation is called a "chromatogram". Chromatography is based on the principle of differential adsorption of compounds through a silica column. The elution is based on the difference in polarity of the compounds. The mobile phase consists of liquid mixtures such as water, acetonitrile, methanol and/or buffer solutions

  User Instructions
Applications in Food/Spice industry- To quantify curcumin, piperine, capsaicin, gingerol etc. in various spices. Also to verify contamination and adulteration of food products Pharmaceutical Applications -To check drug stability, tablet dissolution studies and for quality control. Environmental Applications - detection of phenolic compounds in drinking water, bio-monitoring of pollutants. Applications in Forensics - quantification of drugs in biological samples, identification of steroids in blood, urine and to determine cocaine and other drugs of abuse in blood, urine etc. Food/Flavour/water industry - measurement of quality of soft drinks and water, sugar analysis in fruit juices and in the analysis of polycyclic compounds in vegetables. Instrument is dedicated for analyzing spice extracts for piperine, curcumin, gingerol etc. Phenolics and secondary metabolite analysis may also be undertaken

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Contact No. 04952731410
Email Id, sivaranjani@spices

  HPLC Charges
Procedure Name
National LAB/R&D

Additional Rs 100/-towards postal charges if result are to be posted
The Demand Draft should be in favour of "ICAR Unit-IISR, Calicut"
Letter, DD & Samples send to "Head, SAIF, ICAR-Indian Institute of Spices Research, Marikunnu P.O., Kozhikode - 673012, Kerala."