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Instrument Details
Instrument/Facility Name: HPLC
Make                                   : Analytical Technology limited
Model                                  : Analytical Technology Binary Gradient HPLC (3000)
Specification   :Double piston binary pump, UV –Vis variable wave detector (3000), Detector wavelength range 190nm – 700nm. Automatic sample injector. HPLC Column oven having temperature range 4-30 C. Having C4 & C18 Column and Gradient mixture.

Click to ViewPump flow range 10 ml pump head 0.001 -9.999ml/min. Flow rate accuracy 0.1% measurement at 1 ml/min. Detector light source deuterium lamp, detection range 0-2au. Baseline noise: 1x10-4AU/h. Changeable sample loop. Sample rack: Standard rack contains tow 60x1.5ml sample vials.

  Working Principles
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  User Instructions
This instrument is being used for analysis of Purine Derivatives (PD) in urine samples and for analysis of rumen enzyme activity.The HPLC Column should generally be installed in the direction shown by an arrow on the column. Tight the both ends of column for minimize the leakages. After installing the column it will be necessary to wash out the shipping solvents. Equilibrate the column first with only the mobile phase and then with the buffered mobile phase. Use only highly purity, HPLC grade solvents. Mobile phase and biological samples should be filtered (<0.5 um filter) to remove any particulate. Check column pressure if it not stable then it should be washing with mobile phase or organic solvent as methanol. Cap the column tightly during storage prevent the evaporation of solvent.

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