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Instrument Details
Instrument/Facility Name: Infra red gas analyzers IRGA
Make                                   : LI-COR
Model                                  : LI-6400XT
Specification   :A Photosynthesis system is design for the non-destructive measurement of photosynthetic rates in the field.

Click to ViewThe LI-6400XT Portable Photosynthesis System provides a stable platform for a variety of applications. Measuring photosynthesis is a short-term, fast response tool. The effect(s) of light, CO2, humidity, temperature, chemical, or biological factors on leaf gas exchange can be measured within few minutes. Measuring changes in plant growth responses is simple and very useful, also investigate short-term physiological responses.

  Working Principles
Click to ViewInfra red gas analyzers (IRGA) are used for the measurement of a wide range of hetero atomic gas molecules including CO₂, H₂O, NH₃, CO, SO₂, N₂O, NO and gaseous hydrocarbons like CH₃. ... The reduction in transmission is a function of the concentration of the gas. Modern photosynthetic systems may also be designed to measure leaf temperature, chamber air temperature, PAR (photosynthetically active radiation), and atmospheric pressure. These systems may calculate water use efficiency (A/E), stomatal conductance (gs), intrinsic water use efficiency (A/gs), and sub-stomatal CO2 concentration (Ci).Chamber and leaf temperatures are measured with a thermistor sensor. Some systems are also designed to control environmental conditions. A simple and general equation for Photosynthesis is: CO2+  H2O+ (Light Energy)→ C6H12O6+O2

  User Instructions
Infra red gas analyzers measure the reduction in transmission of infra-red wavebands caused by the presence of gas between the radiation source and a detector. The reduction in transmission is a function of the concentration of the gas. The primary role of IRGA is to measure the COâ‚‚ concentration. The IRGA is sensitive to detect even a change of one ppm of COâ‚‚.1. Expected quantitative and qualitative data can be provided. 2. The operating conditions should know before operations. 3. Light source should be mentioned. 4. Interpretation and application of the data will be carried out by the user 5. Ensure that there are no toxic sample being given. Samples should not be toxic or hazardous.

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