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Instrument Details
Instrument/Facility Name: Karyotype Analyser
Make                                   : Leica, Germany
Model                                  : DM2500 with CW4000 Fish software
Specification   :1. Light source is 12 V 100 W Halogen, Hg 50, Hg 100, Xe 75 and it has 4x reflector turret for BF/DF/POL/DIC and Fluo – 5x reflector turret for BF/POL/DIC and Fluo. 2. It has 2 incident light axes (4x and 5x axis) and 3 objective turrets like 5x BF/DF M32, 6x BF M25 and 7x BF M25 objective turret 3. It can accommodate specimen sizes up to 100 x 100 x 80 mm (LxWxH) 4. Image resolution from 1.3 to 3.3 megapixels and color depth of up to 36 bits per color channel

Click to View1. Karyotype analyzer helps to measure and analyse size, shape of chromosomes/ part of chromosome, labelled with fluorescent probes/ dyes. 2. It has Phase contrast fluoresce imaging binocular microscope and FISH software for karyotyping

  Working Principles
Click to ViewChromosome analysis or karyotyping is a test that evaluates the number and structure of chromosomes. Fluorescent in situ hybridization (FISH) is a molecular cytogenetic technique that uses fluorescent probes that bind to only those parts of the chromosome with a high degree of sequence complementarity and is used to detect and localize the presence or absence of specific DNA sequences on chromosomes.

  User Instructions
1. Karyotyping 2. Fluorescence in situ hybridisation (FISH) 1. Tissue material suitably fixed and preserved in fixing solution

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  Karyotype Analyser Charges
Procedure Name
National LAB/R&D
per sample
Fluorescence in situ hybridisation (FISH)
per sample

Additional Rs 100/-towards postal charges if result are to be posted
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