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Instrument Details
Instrument/Facility Name: LEAF AREA METER
Make                                   : CID INC, U.S.A.
Model                                  : CI-203
Specification   :Specifications Maximum Capacities: • Thickness: 25 mm • Width: 150 mm • Length: 1-2 m • Area: 1 m2 Resolution: 0.1 mm (width) by 0.1 mm (length) Computer Interface: Full speed USB interface 12MBit/s Area Units: cm2 RAM Memory Size: 64k Bytes Storage: HD SD card 4GB File System: Fat32 Display: TFT LCD 320x240 Scanning Speed: 400 mm/sec Battery: 7.2 V rechargeable Nickel Cadmium (NiCd) Operating Temperature: 0~50o C Dimensions: 355L x 45W x 50H mm Weight: 1Kg

Click to ViewThe CI-203 is a self-contained, battery-powered instrument with a built-in display. It contains an optical scanner to measure leaf width, a roller with a shaft encoder to measure length, and a microcomputer to coordinate the measurement functions, calculate results. Taking a measurement is as simple as turning the instrument on, inserting a leaf in the objective, and drawing it out. The instrument does the rest.

  Working Principles
Click to ViewTHEORY OF OPERATION Overview of the Parts of the Instrument The CI-203 consists of a number of sub-systems. It has a laser width scanner that is capable of measuring the width of an object in its objective 400 times a second to a resolution of 0.1 mm. It has a roller length measuring system that can measure length steps of 1 mm. The entire instrument is controlled by a microcomputer system that allows the user unparalleled flexibility in configuring the instrument to make measurements accurately, easily and quickly. The Width Scanner When the instrument is in the scanning mode, a rotating mirror causes a laser beam to scan across the objective 400 times a second. This beam is reflected off the special surface of the measuring arm and received by a light sensor inside the unit. The level from this sensor is compared to a threshold. The output of the "comparator" is fed to a counter, which is sampled at intervals during the width scan. This count is used to calculate the width measurement for each scan. The Length Step (roller system) The instrument includes a roller under the measurement arm that determines length information. Each time the object being measured travels 1 mm, the computer is alerted, and integrates the width and length scan information into the various parameters being measured. Computing the Parameters The CI-203 measures only two parameters directly: width and length. From these it derives area, perimeter, aspect ratio, and shape factor from each scan. Each time the meter senses the leaf has progressed 1 mm, the computer will check if the width reading is a non-zero value. If the width measurement is not-zero, the computer takes the following actions: The width measurement is added to the area accumulator. If the width measurement is greater than the currently stored maximum width, the maximum width is updated. The perimeter increment is calculated and added to the perimeter accumulator. This perimeter increment is calculated using the function: Ap /4A/2 +(W W)2 Where dp is the perimeter increment, A/ is the length increment (always 1 mm), Wo is the current width measurement, and WI is the previous width measurement. If the width measurement reaches zero and the instrument is not operating as part of the conveyer attachment, the measurement stops and is displayed.

  User Instructions
To measure leaf area (detached leaf samples) of crops/plants.Leaf samples should not be too small or too big in size. Samples should not hamper or interfere the operating principles of the equipment. User (customer) will be responsible for loss or damage of his/her samples of any kind during measurement with the machines. Utmost care should be taken to handle the machine. Minimum leaf sample number to be 25 or the minimum charge to be paid (charge of 25 sample) if the leaf sample number is less than 25. Charge for each sample beyond 25 samples to be charged over and above the minimum charge. Maximum number for leaf sample per day should not exceed seventy five in any case. The equipment facilities will be shared based on the availability of the equipment and other relevant logistic support. Users should contact and confirm from the Institute well in advance time before coming to use the equipment facility. Due to unforeseen circumstances if the equipment does not work, the host Institute will not be responsible and it will be on the user’s (customer) risk. For any dispute, the decision of the Director of the host Institute (ICAR-CAFRI, Jhansi) will be final.

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Contact No. 0510-2730214
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Procedure Name
National LAB/R&D
The entire process will be subject to fulfilment of all the Terms and Conditions as to be decided by the Competent Authority of the host Institute i.e. ICAR-Central Agroforestry Research Institute, Jhansi. Minimum number of samples of leaf to be 25 or minimum charge for 25 samples to be charged if the number of leaf sample becomes less than 25. Maximum number of samples per day should not exceed seventy five.

Additional Rs 100/-towards postal charges if result are to be posted
The Demand Draft should be in favour of "Director, ICAR-CAFRI, Jhansi"
Letter, DD & Samples send to "Director, ICAR-CENTRAL AGROFORESTRY RESEARCH INSTITUTE, GWALIOR ROAD, Jhansi-284003 (U.P.)"