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Instrument Details
Instrument/Facility Name: Liquid Handling Unit
Make                                   : Liquid Handling System - Eppendorf
Model                                  : epMotion5075
Specification   :This is a system of tools and tips used for handling the dispensing operation. The system can handle reagents or any liquid components in the volume range from 1 microlitre to 1000 microlitre.

Click to ViewDifferent parts of the system are clearly depicted in the line diagram provided and that will provide a clear idea of the parts that constitute the system. 1.Location : A and B locations for labware, C locations optional for dispensing tools on the variant, locations for vaccum unit and Vac Frame or the Mastercycler ep. 2. Control Panel 3. Mouse 4.Front hood : Can be pushed up to open the inner space. 5. Main switch : For switching on and off 6. Waste container (standard) : The waste container can be autoclaved; can be washed in a dishwasher. 7.Directions of movement of the carrier 8. Dispensing tool 9. Carrier 10.Optical sensor

  Working Principles
Click to ViewThe liquid is sampled from the source in pipette tips, transported and deposited in the destination tube. On request, an optical sensor automatically checks the correct selection and positioning of tubes, available supplies and the position of pipette tips in the rack, as well as liquid level in the specified tubes. With the aid of predefined commands, user can create and edit simple or complex dispensing operations and combine them into methods. In the process, user may specify in the software (ep.Motion Editor), among other things, the source location and destination location as well as the desired dispensing or transport pattern. It is additionally equipped with a complete vacuum unit. This system is designed for the processing of vacuum-based high-throughput systems for nucleic acid purification in 96-well format, for example.

  User Instructions
This facility is used to handle the large number of liquid dispensing operations while setting-up of high-through-put experiments such as screening of large number of genotypes. It can be used, for example, for setting-up of PCR reactions and purification of nucleic acids from a large number of genotypes, etc. Therefore, this is a facility used for high-through-put liquid dispensing in less time while ensuring the accuracy. The control panel is used as an interface between the user instruction and the software that operates the robotic arms of the liquid handling system. Using the software ep.Motion Editor installed in the computer, user is required to specify the source and destination for handling the liquid apart from specifying the exact volume to be transferred. For this purpose MS office excel file, or ep.Motion sheet can be used to chart the details relevant to the specific purpose. The instruction chart has to be carried in a specified dongle to feed in the control panel of the system.

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