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Instrument Details
Instrument/Facility Name: NIR Spetroscopy
Make                                   : Zeutec
Model                                  : SpectraAlyser Premium
Specification   :

Click to View1) The number of NIR filters: 19 2) Measurement time: 12sec. to 25sec. 3) Spectral range: 1445-2348nm 4) Spectral bandwidth: 10nm ±2 5) Signal to noise ratio: > 104 6) Illuminated sample area: > 300mm2 (approx. 20mm ø) 7) Product database: 99 products with 15 properties each

  Working Principles
Click to ViewThe SpectraAlyzer grain is designed for the analysis of solid bulk materials in diffuse transmittance. The instrument takes spectra of the samples in the short-wavelength range of the near infrared (SW-NIR) radiation. In this spectral range, the absorbance of the sample material is much lower than at higher wavelengths, so that there is still sufficient light intensity left for detection even when the radiation has passed several centimeters of sample. This technique is especially of interest when inhomogeneous samples like whole grains or bigger articles shall be analyzed. In case of grain, it is essential to obtain spectral information from inside the kernels and to make sure that this information is sufficiently representative. When a grain sample is illuminated/ transmitted with NIR light (NIT – Near Infrared Transmission), the radiation is partly absorbed, partly scattered and partly reflected by the grain kernels. As a result, the beam is no longer well defined in terms of geometric optics (like the transmittance characteristics of water or other clear liquids); this is why the measuring principle is called diffuse transmittance. The amount of light absorbed by the sample at different wavelengths is directly related to the concentration of chemical functional groups, such as C-H; O-H, and N-H. As these concentrations are in turn related to concentrations of the parameters of interest, for example protein, moisture or oil, property values can be determined.

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