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Instrument Details
Instrument/Facility Name: Nitrogen Analyzer
Make                                   : KELPLUS-DISTY-Pelican Equipment
Model                                  : DISTYL-EM
Specification   :Serial No EM-16077

Click to ViewThe auto analysers are extremely versatile and modularised instruments used for a variety of chemical analyses of soil, plant and water samples. These systems are mainly of two i.e. continuous flow analyser (CFA) and flow injection analyser (FIA). These are designed to offer automatic simulation of operations used in manual procedures for the estimation of an element on conveyer belt principle. Normally the same reagents, which are used in manual assays are used in auto analysers also.

  Working Principles
Click to ViewIn the auto analysers based on continuous flow analysis (CFA) mechanism, the samples are loaded into cups or test tubes on the sampler. The samples and a number of streams of reagents are made to flow from one module to the next through plastic or glass tubings by the action of multiple channel peristaltic pumps operating continuously. Each module automatically performs a different function in the analysis. Air bubbles are added to the flowing analytical stream to segment the streams of samples and reagents. The samples and reagents are brought together under controlled conditions in the mixing coils that are part of the manifold, causing a chemical reaction that produces colour. The flow injection analysis (FIA) system is similar to the FCA in its modules however, there in no air segmentation and the sample is rapidly injected into the carrier stream via an injection valve or syringe as a “plug”.

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