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Instrument Details
Instrument/Facility Name: PCR LifePro Thermal Cycler
Make                                   : BIOER
Model                                  : PCR LifePro Thermal Cycler
Specification   :Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) is a nucleic acid amplification that simulates natural DNA replication in vitro. It takes 2 DNA chains to be amplified as template, uses a pair of artificially synthesized oligonucleotide primer as mediator, and amplifies certain DNA fragment quickly and specifically by thermostable DNA polymerase. Ever since PCR technology was invented by Mullis in 1985 and thermostable DNA polymerase was discovered by Erlich in 1988, this simple, fast, specific and sensitive technology has been widely applied to life science areas with astonishing speed. Remarkable achievements have been witnessed in cytology, virology, oncology, genetic disease, forensic medicine, animal/plant immunology and etc. It is a milestone in contemporary molecular biology development.

Click to ViewLifePro Thermal Cycler is a PCR instrument with multiple functions and several applications. Below are its features: Ÿ Use advanced thermoelectric refrigeration technology from ITI of US and thermoelectric refrigeration elements made under quality management of Japan, which are steady and reliable in quality. Ÿ Temperature can be changed as fast as 4°C /second. The speed to increase or decrease temperature can be set as per need of experiment. Ÿ Several modes for temperature control, better compatibility of reagent. Ÿ Large LCD screen, user-friendly operation interface, simple and easy operation Ÿ Power-off protection available, programs can continue after power recovery. Ÿ Height and pressure of hot-lid can be set for different reaction tubes, which prevent reagent evaporation and pollution effectively. Ÿ Connect to ordinary computer by RJ45 standard interface, which is easy for software upgrading.

  Working Principles
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  User Instructions
Integrating a number of advanced technologies, LifePro Thermal Cycler meets the demand of different PCR experiments and rank top in similar products. LifePro Thermal Cycler is attached with: 1) 0.2 ml standard centrifugal tube 2) Strip of 8 tube 3) Strip of 12 tube 4) Full/half apron plates Notes during operation During test, cares shall be taken to prevent liquid from dropping onto the instrument. Caution: In any of the following cases, immediately cut off the power supply, withdraw the power plug from the power socket, contact the supplier or ask qualified repair personnel for treatment: Ÿ Liquid drops into inside of the instrument. Ÿ The instrument is rained or watered. Ÿ The instrument works abnormally, especially generates abnormal sound or odor. Ÿ The instrument is dropped or its casing is damaged. Ÿ The function of instrument obviously changes.

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