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Instrument Details
Instrument/Facility Name: PCR Thermal cycler
Make                                   : eppendorf
Model                                  : Mastercycler pro S
Specification   :96 well gradient PCR thermal cycler

Click to View96 well gradient with silver block PCR thermal cycler is used for amplification of genomic DNA fragments. The temperature range of the system is from 4°C to 99 °C. Peltier system; gradient range of 1°C to 24 °C. Ramping up to 6 °C per second. Freely programmable temperature gradient over 12 rows. Holds up to 96 PCR tubes (0.2 ml) or a 96-well PCR plate

  Working Principles
Click to ViewPolymerase chain reaction (PCR) is a technology used for quick and easy amplifying DNA sequences, which is based on the principle of enzymatic replication of the nucleic acids. This method has in the field of molecular biology an irreplaceable role and constitutes one of the basic methods for DNA analysis

  User Instructions
Amplify segments of DNA via the polymerase chain reaction.User manual is available. Amplification program needs to be entered. up to 96 PCR tubes (0.2 ml) or a 96-well PCR plate can be used. Only machine is available for use, client has to bring his/her own chemicals, plastic ware etc which are required for performing the PCR. The facility is available during working hours of ICAR-DPR at Genome Analysis Lab.

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  PCR Thermal cycler Charges
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PCR Thermal cycler

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