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Instrument Details
Make                                   : Soilmoisture Equipment Corporation, USA
Model                                  : YLAB01F1F123F1V2G4
Specification   :The operation of the Pressure Membrane and Pressure Plate Extractors is that water has been removed from soil by suction wherein a porous ceramic wall serves as a connecting link and at the same time a means of maintaining a pressure difference between the liquid phase of the water in the soil and the water at lower pressure on the opposite side of the wall.

Click to ViewThe Pressure Membrane and Pressure Plate Extractors are a modification of the suction procedure, where liquid phase water is mobilized across the porous ceramic or membrane using positive pressures. At equilibrium the moisture content is said to be held by an equal but negative force.

  Working Principles
Click to ViewThe soil samples are placed directly onto the ceramic plate and are saturated on the plate. After bolting the Extractor lid onto the Extractor, air pressure may be increased to the value of the test (0.1 to 1500 kPa). As soon as air pressure inside the chamber is raised above atmospheric pressure, the higher pressure inside the chamber forces excess water through the microscopic pores in the ceramic plate. At any given air pressure in the chamber, soil moisture will flow from around each of the soil particles and out through the ceramic plate until such time as the effective curvature of the water films throughout the soil are the same as at the pores in the membrane. When this occurs, equilibrium is reached and the flow of moisture ceases. When the air pressure in the Extractor is increased, flow of soil moisture from the samples starts again and continues until a new equilibrium is reached. At equilibrium, there is an exact but opposite relationship between the air pressure (positive force) in the Extractor and the soil suction (negative force). Water content by weight or by volume can be determined for the sample that was at equilibrium with the pressure in the Extractor.

  User Instructions
Estimation of water retention at different pressure (1/3 to 15 bar) in soil samplesSoil aggregates of 10-20g is required for the above analysis

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Estimation of water retention at different pressure in soil samples

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