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Instrument Details
Instrument/Facility Name: Real-Time PCR System
Make                                   : Applied Biosystemsâ„¢
Model                                  : StepOneâ„¢ Real-Time PCR System
Specification   :The StepOneâ„¢ Real-Time PCR System is a 48-well (0.1 ml tubes, 48-well Plate)

Click to ViewThe StepOne™ Real-Time PCR System is a 48-well (0.1 ml tubes, 48-well Plate). Real-Time PCR instrument perfect for both first-time and experienced users. The StepOne™ Real-Time PCR System can be setup in a variety of configurations and comes ready to use, out of the box, with intuitive data analysis and instrument control software. Utilizing robust LED based 3-color optical recording, the StepOne™ Real-Time PCR System is designed to deliver precise, quantitative Real-Time PCR results for a variety of genomic research applications. Features of the The StepOne™ Real-Time PCR System include: • Advanced software and instrumentation for performing a wide array of genomic assays. • Sensitive 3-color optical LED recording system • Intuitive and robust software perfect for both first-time and advanced users • Simple and flexible instrument set-up and usage

  Working Principles
Click to ViewThis remarkably simple Real-Time PCR system is designed with an LCD touchscreen and a user-friendly interface that brings the power of genetic studies to researchers new to Real-Time PCR. The intuitive software and protocol wizards help guide new users through their Real-Time PCR experiments. The StepOne™ Real-Time PCR System also includes a quick-start setup so that you start a run immediately and enter plate information at a later time. he StepOne™ Real-Time PCR System utilizes a long-life LED-based optical system that can record fluorescence from FAM™/SYBR® Green, VIC®/JOE™, and ROX™ dyes. This cost-effective, 3-color, 48-well system delivers precise, quantitative Real-Time PCR results and saves data from all filters in every run without depending on a computer or plate setup. It can discriminate between 2 populations of 5,000 and 10,000 template copies of a TaqMan® assay with 99.7% confidence

  User Instructions
Perform a variety of standard and demanding genetic analysis research techniques on one instrument using the user friendly StepOne™ Real-Time PCR System and software. The StepOne™ System supports many Real-Time PCR applications, including the following: • SNP Genotyping • Gene Expression Analysis • MicroRNA Expression • Translocation Analysis • Gene Detection • Viral Load AnalysisAmplification program needs to be entered. Reaction Volume Range:10-30 µl. Only machine is available for use, client has to bring his/her own chemicals, reagents, plastic ware etc which are required for performing the real time PCR. The facility is available during working hours of ICAR-DPR at Genome Analysis Lab.

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Real-Time PCR System

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