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Instrument Details
Instrument/Facility Name: Real-Time PCR
Make                                   : Roche Diagnostics, Germany
Model                                  : Light Cycler® 480 II System with analytical Software
Specification   :

Click to View• Dimension: --> W 60 cm x D 60 cm x H 54.5 cm --> W 24 in x D 24 in x H 21.5 in • Wight: 55 kg (121 lbs) • Temperature control --> Peltier-based heating/cooling from 40°C - 95°C --> Heated lid, PCR without any overlay (e.g., wax or oil) --> Passive post-run cooling to < 40°C • 5 excitation filters, high-intensity broad-spectrum xenon lamp • Run time: --> < 60 minutes (96-well plate) --> < 40 minutes (384-well plate) • Gene Scanning or Methylation analysis with High Resolution Melting (HRM)

  Working Principles
Click to ViewProgress of DNA amplification during a Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) can be monitored in "real time" (RT-PCR) by measuring the release of fluorescent "flashes" during amplification. Reaction rates can be measured continuously, or determined at a fixed time-point during the exponential amplification phase. It aids the Melt-curve genotyping with HybProbe- or SimpleProbe probes and Endpoint genotyping with hydrolysis probes.

  User Instructions
Gene quantification --> Absolute quantification --> Relative quantification • Genetic variation analysis/Genotyping (Genotyping based on endpoint analysis/melting curve analysis; Mutation scanning & SNP analysis through High resolution melting (HRM) analysis) • Gene expression analysis User has to enter data “only” into blue colored boxes. • Use the plate configuration box to determine sample number, row A1-12 is used for duplicate samples of standards and a no template control (NTC). • Unknowns should either be run as duplicates or triplicates. • After dispensing the reaction volume, seal plate with optical adhesive cover using manufacturer’s instructions. • Briefly spin down plate at 1,000 rpm and now plate is ready to run. • At end of run, analyze PCR products by electrophoresis to confirm the absence of non-specific products.

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