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Instrument Details
Instrument/Facility Name: Sonicator
Make                                   : QsonicaLLC
Model                                  : Q125
Specification   :It is high-powered ultrasonic processors with a programmable operation and an easy to use interface.

Click to ViewIt can be used for For homogenization, dispersion of nanoparticles, disruption of cell walls and membranes. • Dimensions (WxDxH) - 8x15.25x8.5 in. (203x387x216mm) • Adjustable Pulse On/Off - 1 second to 1 minute • Programmable Timer - 10 hours • Electrical - 110V, 50/60Hz • Power Rating - 500 watts

  Working Principles
Click to ViewSonication is a process in which sound waves are used to agitate particles in solution. Such disruptions can be used to mix solutions, speed the dissolution of a solid into a liquid and remove dissolved gas from liquids. Sonication has numerous effects, both chemical and physical. The chemical effects of ultrasound are concerned with understanding the effect of sonic waves on chemical systems, this is called sonochemistry. The chemical effects of ultrasound do not come from a direct interaction with molecular species. Studies have shown that no direct coupling of the acoustic field with chemical species on a molecular level can account for sonochemistry or sonoluminescence. Instead, in sonochemistry the sound waves migrate through a medium, inducing pressure variations and cavitations that grow and collapse, transforming the sound waves into mechanical energy.

  User Instructions
Substantial intensity of ultrasound and high ultrasonic vibration amplitudes are required for many processing applications, such as nano-crystallization, nano-emulsification, deagglomeration, extraction, cell disruption, as well as many others. Commonly, a process is tested on a laboratory scale to prove feasibility and establish some of the required ultrasonic exposure parameters.Sample should be clean and contamination free

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