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Instrument Details
Instrument/Facility Name: Soxhlet /Fat extraction apparatus
Make                                   : Borosil
Model                                  : 4 position (250 ml flask capacity)
Specification   :Soxhlet apparatus is used to obtain fat /lipid and oil compounds from leaves, seeds, fruits after drying.

Click to ViewEach sample position in individually adjustable with individual energy regulator. Effective coil condenser with both inlet and outlet at the top for easy handling. Practical stand for holding condensers securely between extractions. Mount for safely holding glass parts after removal of the flask Supplied with silicone tubing, glass parts and compact stand Efficient heating block with aluminium cup ensures uniform heating. Aluminium cup can be filled with water to make the instrument act like a water bath. It’s a safety measure.

  Working Principles
Click to ViewSoxhlet apparatus is a continuous solid/liquid extraction. A solid which contains the material to be extracted is placed in thimble. A thimble is made out of a glass which contains the solid but allows a liquid to pass through a passage. The thimble containing the material is placed in the soxhlet apparatus. A suitable organic solvent or their mixture is then heated at reflux. As it boils its vapours rise up and are condensed by condenser. The condensed solvent then fills up the thimble. After it fills with enough solvent it automatically siphons back down into the container of organic solvent. This process takes place again and again until all the fat material to be extracted from the solid in the thimble is now extracted into the organic solvent. Soxhlet / Fat extraction apparatus is designed exclusively for extraction of lipid/fat from a plant or animal based solid material. This apparatus is used when the available fat compound has a limited solubility and the impurities have insolubility in solvents. It allows for unmonitored and unmanaged operation while efficiently recycling a small quantity of solvent to dissolve a larger amount of solid material. Normally a solid material containing some of the desired compound is placed inside a thimble, which is loaded into the main chamber of the soxhlet extractor. The soxhlet extractor is placed onto a flask containing the extraction solvent. The soxhlet is then equipped with a condenser. The solvent is heated to reflux. The solvent vapour travels up a distillation arm and floods into the chamber housing the thimble solid. The condenser ensures that any solvent vapour cools, and drips back down into the chamber housing the solid material. The chamber containing the solid material slowly fills with the warm solvent. Some of the desired compound will then dissolve in the warm solvent. When the soxhlet chamber is almost full, the chamber is automatically emptied by a siphon side arm, with the solvent running back to the distillation flask. This cycle may be allowed to repeat many times, over hours or days. During each cycle, a portion of the non-volatile compound dissolves in the solvent. After many cycles the desired compound is concentrated in the distillation flask. After extraction the solvent is removed, typically by means of a rotary evaporator, yielding the extracted compound. The non-soluble portion of the extracted solid re-mains in the thimble, and is usually discard.

  User Instructions
Soxhlet apparatus is used to obtain fat /lipid and oil compounds from leaves, seeds, fruits after drying.Samples should not be toxic or hazardous. Minimum number of samples should be four atleast. User should send the extraction protocol pertaining to their samples eg., solvents to be used and no. Of extraction cycles etc. Analysis will be done only by the trained personnel and users are not allowed to handle the instrument. Results will be made available in 15 days.

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  Soxhlet /Fat extraction apparatus Charges
Procedure Name
National LAB/R&D
Fat / Oil Extraction
Prior permission may be obtained from the institute before payment / sending samples

Additional Rs 100/-towards postal charges if result are to be posted
The Demand Draft should be in favour of "Director, ICAR Unit- DCR, Puttur"
Letter, DD & Samples send to "Director, ICAR-Directorate of Cashew Research, Darbe (PO), Puttur 574202, DK, Karnataka"