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Instrument Details
Instrument/Facility Name: Tensile Tester
Make                                   : Instron
Model                                  : Xenotest 150S+
Specification   :

Click to ViewInstron evaluates the mechanical properties of materials, such as fibre, yarn and fabric structures using tensile, compression, flexural, fatigue, dynamic and multi-axial loading. Instron prides itself on providing accurate and repeatable measurement results in compliance with required standards. Mechanical properties of woven textile fabrics are mostly measured using a standard method, but can be applicable to fabrics produced by other techniques also. The method specifies a procedure to determine the maximum force and the elongation at maximum force of a textile fabric. Two sets of specimens are prepared for fabric, one in the warp (machine) direction and one in the filling (cross) direction.

  Working Principles
Click to ViewTwo sets of specimens are prepared for fabric sample, one in the warp (machine) direction and one in the filling (cross) direction. There are three ways to carryout tensile test: (i) CRE: Rate of increase of specimen length is uniform with time (the load measuring mechanism moves a negligible distance), (ii) CRL: Rate of increase of the load is uniform with time and rate of extension is dependent on the load-elongation characteristics of the specimen, (iii) CRT: Pulling one clamp at a uniform rate and the load is applied through the other clamp. In CRE principle, maximum load reaches before 3 sec., and rest of the time the specimen remains at higher load (initially very high rate of loading). If the specimen length increases in a CRE machine, the rate of loading will decrease. The speed of a jaw is adjusted in such a manner that the sample is broken in 20±3 s.

  User Instructions
(i) Tensile, extension, modulus and work-of-rupture of fibre, yarn, fabric using ASTM standard. (ii) Tensile creep and modulus of textile fibre and yarn (iii) Trapezoidal tearing strength for fabric using ASTM standard (i) 100 g for fibre sample (ii) 5 bobbins for yarn sample (iii) 5 m2 fabric for trapezoidal tearing strength of fabric

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Additional Rs 100/-towards postal charges if result are to be posted
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Letter, DD & Samples send to "The Director, ICAR- National Institute of Research on Jute & Allied Fibre Technology (NIRJAFT), 12, Regent Park, Kolkata - 700040. West Bengal, India."