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Instrument Details
Instrument/Facility Name: Texture Analyzer
Make                                   : SMS, UK
Model                                  : TAXT-Plus with 50 kg Load Cell (42215)
Specification   :Force Range : +/-50 kg, Force Resolution: 0.1 gm. Load Cells: Directly interchangeable by the user. All load cells store their unique calibration and identification information in onboard’ non volatile memory.Speed range: 0.01-40mm/sec., Return speed: 0.01-40mm/sec. Speed accuracy: Better than 0.01%.. Travel range: 0.1-285 mm, Force resolution: 0.001mm. Automatic calibration, Overload and automatic stop function.. Data acquisition rate: Up to 500 points per second. Operating temperature: 0-40 C.

Click to ViewTWXT plus Texture Analyzer of 50 kg. Load frame capacity and with 50 kg load cell, connecting leans, & prove adaptor. All load cells store their unique calibration and identification information in on board. Load cells has interchangeable feature meaning that multiple load cells. All load cells are tension – compression load cells hence instrument can apply both tension and compression forces.

  Working Principles
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  User Instructions
The instrument is used for determination of texture, viscosity, stress, strain, measurement of hardness, compression, softness, stickiness, firmness, spread ability , fatigue cycle Friction and penetration force of dairy products bakery products, meat, jam, snacks and packing materials. Force and height calibration, do not unscrew or screw fully down the calibration platform, do not change the force cells while the texture analyzer is switch on, do not over tighten when fitting probe to the load cells.

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