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Instrument Details
Instrument/Facility Name: Thermo cycler S1000TM
Make                                   : Bio-Rad
Model                                  : S1000TM
Specification   :

Click to ViewThe S1000 thermal cycler combines powerful performance with streamlined features. The cycler can be used as a stand-alone instrument for PCR

  Working Principles
Click to ViewFlexible platform — choice of 4 interchangeable reaction modules; PC control for up to 32 cyclers •Exceptional thermal performance — the patented* reduced-mass honeycomb sample block delivers fast ramping and settling times for reliable results and reduced run times •Optimal sealing — the fully adjustable heated lid accommodates a wide range of reaction vessels •Thermal gradient — quickly and easily identify optimal annealing temperatures by using the programmable temperature gradient

  User Instructions
• Amplification/PCR • Cloning • Cycle sequencing • Gene expression studies • Mutagenesis The programmable temperature gradient allows you to identify the optimal annealing temperature in a single PCR experiment by letting you test eight incubation temperatures at once. The 1000-series gradient feature uses dynamic ramping, which means the temperature gradient forms during ramping and all wells come to the designated temperature at the same time. As a result, the incubation period is the same for all samples, which is crucial for transfer of gradient to nongradient protocols. The O-ring hermetic seal extends the life of the heating and cooling elements. Condensation from constant heating and cooling can degrade thermal electric modules (TEs), causing them to fail. Bio-Rad’s 1000-series cyclers include a patented* O-ring seal (red in illustration) that forms an airtight barrier around the TEs, preventing exposure to condensation. This substantially lengthens the life of TEs and guarantees outstanding thermal performance.

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