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Instrument Details
Instrument/Facility Name: Tread Mill
Make                                   : Health & Fitness Products Company
Model                                  : 900EXL
Specification   :The TSE Treadmill System is a fully computerized electronically controlled system to investigate exercise physiology in rats and mice. The treadmill is driven by a servo controlled motor which provides precise operator-defined speed profiles. The user-friendly Windows software allows programming, storing and running of user-defined speed profiles as a combination of constant speed and acceleration/deceleration phases with adjustable durations. The available speed range is 0.07- 2m/sec, depending on the species analyzed. Test modes allow the application of electric stimuli by manual control. The data files generated are compatible with all common programs for further statistical evaluation. The Treadmill System is also available in a calorimetric configuration (CaloTreadmill) for concomitant metabolic investigations.

Click to ViewUp to 8 individual exercise lanes for high throughput measurement Angle of inclination adjustable between -10 and + 25 degrees Software-programmable speed profiles Trial start is registered for each lane individually by separate timer Adjustable light-beam sensors for each lane detect when the animal leaves the running belt Pre-programmed foot shock can be applied when the animal leaves the belt

  Working Principles
Click to View​When used for exercise, a treadmill can simulate the motions involved with walking or running. When the treadmill’s belt is in motion, the person standing on it must continually move against the direction of the belt to remain in place. Otherwise, they would fall off the surface in the direction of the belt. With changes in speed of the belt, a user can attain higher speeds of running and walking, or simply keep the speed lower for a more casual walking recreation. ​The motion and physics of a treadmill allow runners and walkers to cover same distances that they would on a standard surface, denoted in whichever unit of measure they choose, or for which the treadmill is equipped. ​For instance, if the full revolution of the treadmill’s belt is 9 feet, that means the user has walked or ran 9 feet with each completed revolution. If that revolution is completed in 1.5 seconds, the user is “running” 4.5 feet per second. After 19.5 minutes, they would have “run” a mile, all without leaving a confined space.

  User Instructions
​The measurement of human power output and anaerobic capacity in high-intensity exercise has traditionally been made. But it gives not to the mark. The assessment of power output during any operations has proved difficult.A treadmill exercise stress test is used to determine the effects of exercise on the heart. This test involves walking in place on a treadmill while monitoring the electrical activity of your heart. Throughout the test, the speed and incline of the treadmill increase. The results show how well your heart responds to the stress of different levels of operations. By using K5 while walking in treadmill, we can standardize the subjects for any operations. Treadmill are rolling belt commonly used in rodents or rabbits for tests implying a forced exercise training or fatigue: performance assessment, respiratory metabolism studies, study of the effect of exercise on other physiological parameter. The treadmill is supplied with a control unit. The control units provide settings for the definition of the experimental parameters and for displaying in real-time standards data related with treadmill experiments.

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