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Instrument Details
Instrument/Facility Name: Ultracentrifuge with accessories +
Make                                   : Sorvallâ„¢ Japan
Model                                  : MTX 150 Micro-Ultracentrifuge
Specification   :

Click to ViewThe Thermo Scientific Automatic Securing Micro-Ultracentrifuge Swinging Bucket and Vertical Rotors are for use in the Sorvall Discovery M150 Rotor Type: S 52 ST-0319 Tubes/Buckets: 4 (5 ml capacity) Speed: With good acceleration rate of 1,50,000 rpm which reaches in a short period of time. The range of RCF of 1,048, 000xg supports any separation. This benchtop ultracentrifuge offers powerful separation technology in a quiet, compact, easy to use benchtop design.

  Working Principles
Click to ViewThere are different techniques/methods used for separation of proteins/antigens/nucleic acids using different gradients. Continuous sucrose gradient is usually followed for separation of viral proteins/antigens. Different gradients of sucrose are prepared in tubes and concentrated viral proteins are layered over the gradient with good acceleration of RCF 1,048,000xg for 3 hrs. The separated proteins can be collected from particular specific gravity band.

  User Instructions
For separation of • Virus/viral antigen/proteins • Lipoproteins • Nanoparticles • Nucleic Acids1. Sample must be pure and free from all contaminants 2. Concentrated sample volume should be small quantity to layer over gradient 3. Presently sucrose gradient is being used

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