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Instrument Details
Instrument/Facility Name: Vacuum packaging machine
Make                                   : R D Singal and Co
Model                                  : DZ400-2D
Specification   :Number of sealing heads 2

Click to ViewSeal length 4x400 Distance between seal bar- 350mm vacuum pump capacity 30mm3 per hour

  Working Principles
Click to ViewVacuum packing is a method of packaging that removes air from the package prior to sealing. This method involves (manually or automatically) placing items in a plastic film package, removing air from inside, and sealing the package

  User Instructions
Vacuum packing reduces atmospheric oxygen, limiting the growth of aerobic bacteria or fungi, and preventing the evaporation of volatile components. It is also commonly used to store dry foods over a long period of time, such as cereals, nuts, cured meats, cheese, smoked fish, coffee, and potato chips (crisps). On a more short term basis, vacuum packing can also be used to store fresh foods, such as vegetables, meats, and liquids, because it inhibits bacterial growth.NA

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  Vacuum packaging machine Charges
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National LAB/R&D
Vacuum packaging

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